Midtown East

New York, New York

Program: Mix Use - Cultural, Park, Hotel, Office, Resedentail
Height:450M (Pinnacle) 398M (Roof)
Floors: 82
Year: 2015
Collaboration: Lee Binsi Li, Karla, Zo

The main urban strategy oriented around the intersection of two grid system, projecting a series of diagonal axis whose arrangement optimizes a connection between the city and the east river.  The podium and towers are elevated above the ground level for a seamless connection between 1st ave and the waterfront.  The green belt integrates with the existing city fabric, bringing people between the towers and towards the cultural podium and waterfront park.  
The public program is expended to a vertical community at the 100m level.  In addition to serving as a sky lobby transfer point, the sky connection also includes park green space, pools, restaurants, lounges, spas, retail, conference spaces and other social programs.