Liberation Trade Towers

Shanghai, China

Program: 3 Office Towers, 1 Hotel Tower, Transit
Hub, Public Green Space, Retail
Height:407M (Pinnacle) 310M (Roof)
Floors: 80
Year: 2012

The aim was to transform an essential social ground condition into the towers, creating areas where people would be able to gather and interact. A public park at the 135M level allows the people to enjoy serenity as they look down at the city. Gaps between the buildings translate the traditional notion of a Chinese courtyard onto a modern typology. The Huangpu River, a vital artery for Shanghai’s logistics, is brought into the site. As it passes under a tower the river is brought into the architecture and enables passing boats to engage with the built condition. The building itself serves as a medium for connection incorporating nature into the architecture resulting in reassuring unity of ground, water, concrete, steel and sky.